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Often referred to as a “thread lift”, threading can be a choice alternative to facelift surgery. The purpose of threading is to sculpt the shape of the face. Threading functions by utilizing dissolvable sutures under the skin in which the physician then pulls the skin tight around the forehead and neck. Painless “barbs” attach to the skin to ensure that the threads grip the tissues and muscles when being pulled tight.

Threading triggers the body’s healing response and stimulates collagen production to the treated areas. Collagen can then fill any sagging skin and restore elasticity. Threading is a low-risk procedure that can be performed in less than an hour and is less expensive than facelifts. Much like other aesthetic treatments, the results of threading are not permanent and typically last about 6 months before the sutures begin to dissolve.

Neck Liposuction

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Neck liposuctions are often confused with neck lifts, but the two procedures are very different. A neck lift is an outpatient surgical procedure which tightens the skin by removing sagging skin and excess fat. Neck liposuction is a non-surgical treatment and removes fat deposits from the neck. Excess fat is loosened by using a cannula and then a vacuum to remove the fat and contour the neck to achieve the desired result.

Neck liposuction is beneficial in that it removes the appearance of a double chin as well as fat build up around the jawline. The procedure can have a lasting, contouring effect that tightens the skin and creates a more defined aesthetic result. Like other procedures that remove unwanted fat, the results are only lasting if the individual’s weight remains steady and doesn’t increase substantially.

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