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Minimal Incision Face & Neck Lifts Fort Myers & Naples

As we age, the human face begins to sag because of your lifestyle, repeated muscle contraction, and gravity. This causes the muscle, fat, and skin to droop.

The cheeks sag, the nasolabial folds deepen, and “jowls” appear along the jawline. You have many options for restoring the natural curves and contours of youth. 

The latest is facial fat grafting. Facial fat grafting is a technique gaining favor with patients throughout the world. 

It’s safer, more natural, longer-lasting (sometimes 10 years or more), incision-free, and doesn’t leave scars. Our surgeon has extensive experience performing these procedures.

What is a Facelift? 

A facelift, which is also known as a rhytidectomy, is a procedure used to diminish the signs of aging on the face. These signs include deep lines, sagging skin, and jowls. 

A facelift results in tighter skin, and if done expertly, a more youthful appearance. 

According to cosmetic surgeons, a facelift refers to the rejuvenation of the lower parts of the face. That includes the chin area, jawline, and lower cheeks. 

Facial tissue is pulled upwards towards the ears, where an incision can be made in front of and/or behind the ear lobe.

Early facelift procedures only tightened the skin. Modern facelift techniques are capable of much more. They remove loose facial muscle, excess fat in the neck and lower face, and excess skin.

Procedures such as an eyebrow lift and eyelid surgery are classified separately and are not part of a facelift. Except in very invasive facelifts, the upper cheeks are not changed.

What Is A Volumetric Facelift?

Another procedure to consider is a volumetric facelift. The volumetric facelift rejuvenates the face and restores fullness. As we age, our face can start looking thin or gaunt. 

With the volumetric facelift, a combination of facial fat grafting and minimal-incision facelift transforms the face. This is a popular procedure for patients who don’t need or want a “full-facelift.”

Non-surgical Facelift, Facial Enhancement, and Treatment for Wrinkles

There are many options for patients who want a softened and refreshed appearance without surgery. Appropriate, careful and artistic use of Restylane, Juvéderm, Perlane, Voluma, or other facial fillers can get rid of wrinkles and folds, fill in areas of tissue loss, and be used for lip enhancement. 

Fat is also a wonderful filler. Our surgical team will be happy to discuss which solution is right for you. The aging neck can also be a challenging area.

The SMAS Resection Technique

The skin is composed of three layers. There is a layer of connective tissue between the muscles and outer skin referred to as superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS). 

The SMAS resection facelift aims to offer long-lasting tightening of the skin and SMAS, improve the jowls, and soften facial wrinkles. Our surgeon use this procedure together with more extensive and small incision neck lift techniques to provide you with sustained and long-lasting results. 

What is a Neck Lift?

Diagram of neck lift

A neck lift is also referred to as a chin lift, removes sagging skin and excess fat around the neck. The procedure includes firming of the skin around the jawline, chin area, and on the neck. 

Many patients will benefit tremendously from liposuction of the chin and neck, completely avoiding scars and the need for a complete facelift. This results in a more defined, smoother, and younger-looking neck and lower face.`1

Who is a Good Candidate for a Face and Neck Lift?

Ideal candidates for a face and neck lift have:

  • Deep lines from their nose to the corners of their mouth
  • Visible muscles on their necks
  • Deep lines from the corners of their mouth to their chin 
  • Sagging neck and facial tissues

You might also be the right candidate for a face and neck lift if you’re:

  • Concerned about the signs of aging on your neck and face
  • A non-smoker or you’re ready to stop smoking for several weeks ahead of your procedure
  • In reasonably good health

What’s more, you should have realistic expectations. It’s important to understand that while a neck and facelift may leave you refreshed; the procedure won’t stop the aging process.

What is A Minimal Incision Face and Neck Lift?

A face and neck lift are usually combined for the best results. Minimal incision face and neck lift refer to cosmetic procedures that don’t need open surgery. 

Instead, they use small incisions in several areas, allowing the cosmetic surgeon to tighten the skin. Incisions for a minimally invasive neck lift are made beneath the chin. 

For a mini-facelift, the incision is made around the ear lobe. A full face and neck lift would have incisions from the sideburns, around the front and back of the ear, and the posterior hairline. 

What are the Advantages of Having A Minimal Incision Face and Neck Lift?

A minimally invasive cosmetic procedure has the following advantages:

  • It’s an outpatient procedure. You can be in and out of the surgeon’s office that day once the procedure is over.
  • It has less recovery time compared to an open surgery cosmetic procedure. That is because the smaller incisions need less time to heal.
  • The scars from a minimally invasive procedure are small and hidden beneath the chin, behind the ears, or in the hairline.
  • It’s an excellent alternative to open surgery for people who have only minor signs of aging.
Neck lift before and after

What are the Similarities Between Facelift and Neck Lift Procedures?

Both face and neck lift procedures fix aging signs found on the lower part of the face and the neck. By addressing jowls, marionette lines, undefined jawlines, and sagging chins, these procedures can make a patient look years younger. 

What are the Non-surgical Face and Neck Lift Procedures?

Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures are minimally invasive, where no cutting of skin tissue is involved. Instead, dermal fillers are injected into facial and neck tissue. 

Dermal fillers are gel-like tissue used to restore lost skin volume. When dermal fillers are injected beneath the skin, they fill in lines and creases.

What are the Different Types of Dermal Fillers?

Types of FDA-approved dermal fillers are:

  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) –
    • These are made using hyaluronic acid, which can also be found in the body. The acid keeps the skin hydrated and firm. 
    • Results from an HA filler can last between 6 to 12 months. That is because the HA gradually becomes absorbed into the body. 
    • At Frantz Cosmetic Center, our cosmetic surgeon uses HA fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane to get rid of folds and wrinkles. 
  • Poly-L-lactic Acid –
    • Poly-L-lactic fillers encourage the rebuilding of collagen in the skin. The rebuilding of collagen in the skin leads to the diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles. Results may last for about 24 months. Although the results may last somewhat longer, this requires multiple treatments and tends to be quite a bit more expensive than hyaluronic acids.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Minimal Incision Face and Neck Lift? 

Recovery from a minimal incision procedure on the face and neck can take around ten days. During this time, swelling and bruising may occur. 

Your cosmetic surgeon should tell you to refrain from heavy exercises in the two weeks following the procedure. 

Your results should improve for 8-12 months after surgery. 

How Should You Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon for Your Minimal Face and Neck Lifts?

As in all cosmetic surgery, your choice of a cosmetic surgeon will be a decision you’ll live with for years, or even for the rest of your life. A procedure that’s successful often boosts your confidence and makes you feel wonderful. 

To find the best surgeon, you should look for a cosmetic surgeon:

  • Who is specially trained in facial and neck lift procedures
  • Who has extensive experience in performing face and neck lifts

Frantz Cosmetic Center has an expert surgeon who is ready to provide you with the most advanced cosmetic surgery techniques.

Get Back Your Younger Self in Naples and Fort Myers, FL

Aging of the skin is inevitable as the years go by. Time, sun exposure, and lifestyle choices bring about wrinkles, bags, fine lines, and loose skin. 

Cosmetic surgery at Frantz Cosmetic Center gives you a chance to turn back time on your looks. Our oculo-facial & cosmetic surgeon performs minimal incision face and neck lift procedures with minimal scarring. 

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