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Frantz Skincare Advantage

Dr. Ehrlich and his team have been working hard to put together a skincare line that will help diminish the appearance of aging. Using the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients to provide patients with system-based, results-drive cosmetically elegant results.

The Frantz Advantage Skincare line was created and tested to deliver safe superior results in treating multiple different skin types. Frantz Skincare Advantage incorporates Green Tea Polyphenols.

“Throughout our lives, we have been exposed to the sun and environment, gone through hormonal changes, and experienced stress that contribute to the signs of aging. “said Dr. William Ehrlich, Cosmetic & Facial Surgeon at Frantz Cosmetic Center, “we are excited to be able to have developed the Frantz Cosmetic Advantage Skincare line to effectively help reduce the signs of aging – fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and age spots.”

Frantz Skincare advantage product line

What are the therapeutic benefits of incorporating Green Tea Polyphenols into Frantz Skincare Advantage?

Green Tea Polyphenols (GTP) is the active ingredient in green tea. GTP provides the most powerful combination of speed and potency to deliver the broadest antioxidant benefits to your skin. GTP must be applied topically to the skin to reap its benefits.

BB cream with Green Tea SPF

The next generation broad spectrum 50+ SPF BB cream hydrates and shields the skin from harmful UVF and UVB rays. It is oil free and has a slight tint.

Green Tea Calming Serum

This serum is made up of 90% polyphenol green tea, caffeine, and resveratrol. It reduces the signs of redness and inflammation and the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, and puffiness. It is a triple antioxidant cream that hydrates the skin with hyaluronic acid.

Intensifying Hydrating Serum

This fast absorbing serum is made of pure Hyaluronic acid that is a “drink of water for the skin”. Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring component found in the skin that helps to rejuvenate and repair your tissue.

Sheer Physical SPF 50+

This antioxidant enriched sunscreen delivers high levels of evenly distributed sheer zinc oxide is light weight and works well with all skin types. This 50+ SPF provides superior broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Vitamin C provides a powerful antioxidant with brightening properties to help ski appear more radiant and evenly tones.

Age Defense Neck Lift Crème

This fast and effective neck firming cream uses firming peptides to improve the appearance of fine line wrinkles on the neck and chest, improve the appearance of photo damaged, dry and aging skin and improves skins brightness in the neck and chest area.

Green Tea Calming Mist

Our Green Tea Calming mist combines green tea, vitamin c, sea salt, chamomile, lavender and alcohol-free witch hazel to soothe, calm and refresh your skin. We recommend using this mist on dry, itchy and irritated skin as its powerful humectants gently work to hydrate and condition your skin. It can be used anywhere at any time (even after a cosmetic procedure) and can even be used to help set makeup!

Trans Retinol Fusion I

This smoothing serum combines with retinol to assist in achieving smoother, firmer and more evenly toned skin, by exfoliating dead skin and increasing cell turnover. It minimizes the signs of aging, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and revitalizes and nourishes dull skin, all while increasing skins firmness and elasticity.

Did we mention that Frantz Skincare Advantage also can help treat those who suffer from acne? Find out more about our acne system and how it can work for you!

Clarifying Acne Wash

This deep cleanser is formulated with the highest medical grade Benzoyl Peroxide for anti-bacterial protection against ace. It incorporates aloe to help soothe skin that is irritated by acne and kills acne causing bacteria on the skin.

Clarifying Cleanser Pads

Made up of both glycolic and salicylic acid, these cleansing pads gently exfoliate dead skin and unclogs pore to treat acne on the face, body and back. We use the purest pharmaceutical grade glycolic acid available to ensure minimal irritation and accelerate the removal of dead skin cells that can interfere with proper oil drainage of the skin.

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