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Permanent Makeup Artistry

Permanent makeup is a skin pigment enhancement treatment offered at Frantz Cosmetic Center by a licensed tattoo specialist and medical aesthetician.

Before deciding if this service is right for you, it is important to note the difference between a permanent makeup treatment and a tattoo. Tattoos are applied by injecting ink into the skin – and tattoo ink comes in all shades and colors. In contrast, permanent makeup uses pigment (rather than ink) in shades of black and brown for the eyes and eyebrows, and various shades of pink for the lips. Pigment can begin to fade after the first year, and might need to be reapplied 3 to 5 years after the date of the first treatment.

What Permanent Makeup Services Do We Offer?

Nano Brows – can be best described as hairstrokes using a single needle along with permanent makeup pigment. Controlled movement with the needle provides feather-like or well-defined hairstrokes on the eyebrows. This method is far less traumatizing to the skin than the popular microblading technique, and in most cases, pigment retention is better.

Powder Brows – a soft shading of pigment in the brow area that ages well, and as it fades over time, does not produce noticeable gaps when done properly. It creates a natural-looking eyebrow tint and is the least invasive procedure with almost no chance of scarring. Powder brows have become the most popular and safe choice with a high level of satisfaction in clients who choose this method.

Nano/Powder Brow Combo – a technique of combining the hairstrokes of the nano brow style with the soft shade tint of the powder brow method.

Eyeliner (Upper/Lower/Both) – enhances the eyes so that the use of eye pencils or liquid liner is minimized or not necessary. Most clients who choose this treatment have grown weary of smeared liners that end up in the creases of the upper and lower eyelids. There are a variety of line styles available to choose from, and the effects typically last 1 to 3 years. Eyeliner will always appear darker up to the first 10 days after treatment.

Lip Liner – this technique enhances the shape and definition of the lips by contouring the outline of the lips with pigment. While each result is case by case, permanent lip liner typically lasts 3 years before a refresh of the shape and color would be necessary.

Lip Blushing – this treatment deposits the desired shade of pigment into the lips through the use of small needles. Lip blushing can alter both the shape and the color of the lips resulting in a more youthful appearance. Some drying of the lips might occur for 3-4 days, but can be treated with a barrier cream during the healing process.


  • Do not use spray tan or expose your face to the sun for at least 2 weeks leading up to the procedure.
  • Avoid using Retinol products for at least 1 month prior to treatment; discontinue Accutane for 12 months leading up to treatment.
  • Do not have BOTOX or another neurotoxin procedure for 3 weeks leading up to permanent makeup application.
  • Do not apply tint or wax of any kind to the treatment area 1 week leading up to the treatment.
  • Avoid alcohol, aspirin, and ibuprofen for 48 hours before treatment, as well as fish oil and Vitamins A & E for the week leading up to treatment. These can thin the blood and will reduce the amount of pigment that is absorbed into the skin.
  • Do not do any vigorous exercise the day of your treatment.

Post-Treatment Care:

Your licensed specialist will provide you with post-treatment ointment and specific instructions on how to properly care for your skin after treatment. Please follow these instructions closely.

Some steps will include:

  • Gently treat the pigmented area with anti-bacterial soap, rinse, and blot dry with a damp cloth. Avoid using other types of soaps or creams for 2 weeks.
  • Apply the provided aftercare ointment once in the morning and once in the evening with a cotton tipped swab until the ointment has been completely used.
  • You will likely experience some peeling or light scabbing. Do not pick the skin away (which can cause a partial loss of color), but rather, allow the dry skin to naturally exfoliate away.
  • Avoid abrasive towels, use fresh linens, and avoid sleeping on your face.
  • Do not apply makeup over the treated area for the first week.
  • Avoid sun exposure, swimming, or saturating the treated area for at least 2 weeks.

Be aware that with any permanent makeup treatment, a second treatment is required around 5-6 weeks after your first treatment. The cost of the second treatment is included in the quoted price for your initial service.

Associated Risks:

As with any procedure, there are always risks to carefully consider. It is critical that you follow the pre-care treatment regimen in order to avoid unnecessary side effects. Your licensed specialist will fully explain the risks of permanent makeup artistry to you. Clients should be aware of these potential side effects:

  • Some swelling, bleeding or bruising
  • Itching, burning, or discomfort
  • Peeling or mild scabbing
  • Allergic reaction
  • Infected tissues can cause migration of applied pigments

Our goal is that you will obtain the permanent makeup result that you envisioned for yourself. Frantz Cosmetic Center is proud to offer this artistic service along with other medical-grade products and services designed to enhance your features. Our highly specialized environment of professionals will always work to ensure that you achieve your optimum desired results!

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