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About Our Medical Website

At Frantz Cosmetic Center, we care about the level of care our patients experience in the Naples area. That’s why we know that medical website design is important and we’ve built a medical website that performs.

Easy To Use For All Patients

No matter how you find our medical website, we want it to be easy to use. If you want patients to not get frustrated and leave your website, it needs to be responsive.

A responsive design should be a seamless experience. No matter what kind of device your website is being viewed on, it needs to perform without lag or problems.

Whether you’re viewing our website on your smartphone, tablet, or your desktop at work, you’ll find that it’s easy to use. Even if you switch from one device to another, our website will continue being easy to navigate as well.

We’re Easy To Find

Having a beautiful, responsive medical website design won’t work very well if you can’t find the practice. It’s for this reason that we also use SEO services with the nation’s best Search Engine Optimization firm.

Search Engine Optimization is what makes it possible to find our website when you’re searching on Google. Whether you’re searching in Naples, FL or in bed on your phone for cosmetic treatment, SEO is an important component of medical website design that works.

Patients in Naples can always find us, no matter how they may be searching for a cosmetic surgeon or cosmetic practice!

We Are Always Available

Even if our physical doors aren’t open, we are always available to patients. Our medical website is always up, thanks to the best that hosting has to offer.

Whether you need to know when our hours are, or you need more information about a procedure, we’re always here to help!

We’re Up To Date On All Our Information

Want to know what’s going on in the world of ophthalmology and eye care? It’s as simple as stopping by our blog!

It’s updated on a regular basis with information that you want to know. Learn about new treatments, frequently asked questions, or what to do in certain situations.

You never know when reading something on our medical website or blog could come in handy!

About Our Medical Website Design Company

Our medical website was built by Glacial Multimedia, Inc. Glacial is truly the best choice when it comes to building a medical website. Having been around for over 21 years, they know the medical industry and how to build a lead-converting website.

This is an important part of the medical website design process, especially if you are in the ophthalmology field. Trust the experts who build award-winning medical websites.

You can view and read more about their services and see why a great medical website design benefits your practice.

Glacial Multimedia, Inc.
619 Brighton Ave
Suite 201
Portland, ME 04102

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