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Natural Breast Enhancement

Natural Breast Enhancement Fort Myers & Naples

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

If you’ve been looking for a way to remove some unwanted fat from your upper and/or lower abdomen, flanks/waist, hips and other areas of the lower body, and put it in your breasts for a permanent natural look, Dr. Ehrlich uses true tumescent liposuction to do just that. Some of his patients have called this surgery a wonderful “twofer.” This procedure is very safe and done in our office. 

Your unwanted fat is removed, purified, and then placed in your breasts; all during the same office surgery.

Liposuction and breast enhancement are the most popular cosmetic procedures performed on women in the United States. Natural breast enhancement offers you a safer, healthier alternative to traditional breast implants. 

Traditional breast implants pose potential risks, such as rupturing, leaking silicone, and capsule formation from foreign material implants which also may not look and feel completely natural. 

Using your own natural fat through fat grafting minimizes the risks of breast augmentation. Most patients return to work and activity in 48 to 72 hours, with no stitches and very tiny, hidden scars. No incisions are used, and the nipple, areola, and mammary glandular tissue are not disturbed.

What is Natural Breast Enhancement?

Natural breast enhancement is a type of breast augmentation procedure. It’s called natural because fat deposits from the patient’s body are used to create volume in the breast. 

This is unlike other methods that use synthetic implants. Using synthetic implants introduces foreign substances such as silicone gel to the breasts. Many surgeons use incisions in the breast crease, or around the areola, to place the implant.

What Happens During A Breast Augmentation Consultation with Your Cosmetic Surgeon?

During the pre-surgery consultation session with your cosmetic surgeon, you will be asked a series of questions. These can include: 

  • Why do you want a breast enhancement procedure?
  • What are your expectations?
  • What is your desired outcome after the surgery?
  • Details about any medication you may be using, and any medical conditions you may have

Your surgeon will do the following:

  • Assess your health status
  • Discuss the various cosmetic surgery options available to you 
  • Examine your breasts and take measurements for your breast shape and size
  • Discuss probable outcomes of the procedure and any risks involved 
  • Inform you about the recovery process and what to expect

Who Might Be Interested in Natural Breast Augmentation?

Women who can use a breast augmentation procedure to improve the look of their breasts include:

  • Women who have been through pregnancy and breastfeeding, often losing volume in the upper half of their breasts
  • Those who have lost a lot of their body weight that also results in loss of volume of the breasts
  • Women who have undergone cancer treatments such as mastectomy and lumpectomy 
  • Those who would like to increase their natural breast size
  • Women who have had “explantation” of previous implants

Who is a Good Candidate for Breast Enhancement?

Ideal candidates for breast enhancement include women who:

  • Are at least 18 years old 
  • Are in good health
  • May be satisfied with an initial size increase of ½ to one whole cup size.  If a woman has enough fat to “donate,” a second procedure can be performed for further enlargement. 
  • Have enough fat deposits for a donation from the lower parts of their bodies

How is Fat Transfer to the Breasts Performed?

Before surgery, the area where the fat will be extracted is first identified. This is usually from lower parts of the body, such as the hips, thighs, waist area (love handles), upper/lower abdomen, and lateral buttocks. 

During the surgery, the surgeon removes excess fat deposits from the donor area in the body using true tumescent liposuction

The fat tissue is filtered, purified, then injected into the breast tissue. Fat transfer is done to multiple areas, to assure the correct shape and size. 

The surgeon injects the fat cells into different areas of the breast. This results in a more natural, subtle look. 

How Long Do the Results of Natural Breast Enhancement Last?

Since the process uses body tissue, the results from this procedure are permanent. Immediate results that are seen within the first 4-6 weeks after the surgery aren’t final. 

That is because when the fat deposits are transferred to the breast, around 75-80% of the cells and tissue survive. Some of the cells do not survive the transfer process.  Knowing that this happens, Dr. Ehrlich allows for this in his surgical planning. 

The body absorbs a small amount of fat tissue. During surgery, the surgeon will transfer more fat than necessary to the breast to compensate for this.

After two months, when the swelling has dissipated, the results of the procedure can be seen. At this point, all surviving fat cells have gained blood supply, meaning that all of the cells present will survive permanently. 

Also, no more tissue will be absorbed by the body. If more enlargement is desired, a second procedure can be done, 6 months after the first, assuming that the patient has more fat to “donate” to her breasts.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Fat Transfer to the Breasts?

Fat necrosis is an unusual complication that may occur following a fat transfer. Necrosis is a condition where a lot of the fat cells transferred end up dying. 

Symptoms include sores, numbness, pain, dark-blue skin, and bleeding. If the necrosis only covers a small area in the breast, it usually disappears with time. 

If it’s a larger area, it may require removal through surgery or liposuction.

Other risks of fat transfer breast augmentation are:

  • Microcalcification
  • Cysts 
  • Infections 
  • Breast enhancement with fat transfer is not as risky as other methods of breast enhancement. This method of enhancement does not introduce any foreign substances into the body and does not use silicone. 

There’s little chance of allergies or complications normally associated with using implants. With natural breast augmentation, patients don’t have to worry about wrong positioning or leakage. 

You can find the safest procedures for body contouring in Fort Myers at Frantz Cosmetic Center, including breast enhancement. 

How Long Does It Take to Recover After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Depending on your daily activities, you get back to your routine about 2-7 days after surgery. Most women can return to work 48-72 hours after surgery. 

If you engage in strenuous activities that put pressure on your chest region, you’ll need a longer recovery period. This should last at least one week. 

Do You Need Any Medication After the Surgery?

Your cosmetic surgeon will prescribe postoperative medication that may include mild pain relievers (oxycodone is never used). You’ll also get antibiotics to prevent infection. 

Are There Any Scars Left After Surgery?

Fat transfer is a minimal incision surgical procedure. There are only small scars left where the fat was taken, and the spots where it was injected into the breast. 

A good cosmetic surgeon will only use 2-3 injection sites to transfer the fat to the breasts, in areas where the scars will be hidden from view. 

What are the Advantages of Having Natural Breast Enhancement?

Benefits of having a natural breast enhancement procedure include:

  • After the procedure, your breasts will look and feel natural. That is because your own body fat is used, which (after 10-14 days) becomes a permanent part of your breasts.
  • You get to lose fat in areas where it’s unwanted during liposuction. (a Twofer!!)
  • It’s suitable for correcting breast asymmetry. 
  • It can be used after all implants are removed
  • It can be used to supplement breast implants.
  • It can be used to fill the upper pole of the breast

Breast Enhancement in Naples and Fort Myers, FL

Natural breast augmentation in Naples is possible at the hands of Dr. Ehrlich. Dr. Ehrlich is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Naples, FL. 

He removes unwanted fat from your body to create a natural, permanent look for your breasts. The process is a much safer and healthier alternative to breast implants. 

Dr. Ehrlich also ensures the scars left behind are quite small and well hidden. With your body fat used as a natural filler, there will be no need for removal, reoperation, or replacement later in life.

A fat transfer breast augmentation by Dr. Ehrlich will help your breasts look more pronounced and shapelier. The results are subtle and natural. At the same time, they give an undeniable boost to your appearance and self-confidence!

Breast Augmentation Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, FL

To learn more about Natural Breast Enhancement available in the Fort Myers and Naples area, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ehrlich by calling 239.418.0999 or click here to schedule online.


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